Onsite access (ID badges) and computing accounts

Follow the steps below to obtain onsite and/or computing access for affiliates/users, authorized guests, and subcontractors.

Important notes about the access process:
  • DOE Employees are not required to go through the access request process unless they need computing access.
    • To obtain computing accounts, DOE employees must complete the access request form and select “user/affiliate” as the visitor type. Refer to step 1 below.
    • At the gate, they must present their DOE HSPD-12 badge (that states they are a DOE employee, not a contractor) to obtain onsite access.
  • All affiliates/users, authorized guests, and subcontractors are asked to begin the process a minimum of 4 weeks before access is needed in order for the request to be routed through the approval process.
  • Please make sure to complete all of the necessary steps on this page in order to not be stopped and/or potentially turned away at the gate upon arrival.
  • The detailed workflow which includes the list of access approvers can be found here. The Spanish version is available here.

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Access process

There are various ways to begin the access request process depending on your worker type and current access. For more information on access types, check out these helpful links:

Prior to filling out the form, review the access request instructions tab to ensure you have all required information ready.

Below are the possible options to begin the access process. 

Option 1

If you’re an affiliate/user, subcontractor or authorized guest who is either 1) new to the lab, or 2) renewing or extending computing and/or onsite access:
    1. Scan of your photo ID (i.e. Passport or REAL ID driver’s license)
    2. If you are a non-US citizen, Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Option 2

If you’re an affiliate/user, or subcontractor who already has a computing account, but now needs an ID badge:

Option 3

Points of contact (POC) would like to begin the access process for an affiliate/user, authorized guest, or subcontractor*:

*For one-day subcontractors/urgent short-term workers, follow the process outlined here.

Once the point of contact completes the invitation process, the invited individual will receive an email to submit the rest of the required access information. You must complete this step for your access request to be submitted for approvals.

Please keep the following in mind:
  • Do not fill out another access request form if you already submitted one recently. Instead, please check the status of your request. If you have further inquiries, please submit a question using the status page.
  • Whatever dates you put on your access request are the dates you will receive access for. Do not put a shorter remote end date if you do not intend to shorten your remote access.


Not sure if you already requested onsite dates on your previous access request? 

Please look up your Service Desk tickets by following these instructions.

Need to check the status of your submitted request?

Look up your request using your requested item (RITM) number on this page.

Do you need to complete a Non-Proprietary User Agreement form? 

If you are working on an experiment that is associated with Fermilab’s Accelerator Complex, your home institution must have a signed Non-Proprietary User Agreement on file with us. You will be contacted by the Office of Partnership and Technology Transfer if you need to complete this step.


*This step is only applicable if you submitted your access request form prior to December 14, 2023, at 7:00pm CST. If you submitted your request after this date and time, you would not receive a FermiWorks/Workday email and do not need to complete onboarding in FermiWorks.

Once your ticket is approved, you will receive two emails from FermiWorks/Workday with your username and password to complete your onboarding. You must complete onboarding with in 30 days or your access request will be canceled. For guidance on this step, check out the helpful links below.

If you do not receive one of the emails or have trouble logging in, please contact the service desk at 630-840-2345 or servicedesk@fnal.gov.

Upon completing the onboarding process, the Global Services department has a final step in place to grant you access. We strive to complete this step within 2-3 business days. We appreciate your patience.

*Contractors in Lead, South Dakota do not need to schedule a badge appointment and will be issued an SDSTA badge at the South Dakota offices.

Once your access request has gone through all necessary approvals, you will receive your informal invitation letter via email. Once you receive your informal invitation letter, you must then schedule your badge appointment.

Have you lost your badge? Please report your ID Badge as lost or stolen prior to scheduling your badge appointment.

Affiliates, users, and contractors coming onsite will need to make sure all of your required training is complete prior to your final approval.

Read more about required trainings (click on the “Training” tab).

Affiliates/users, authorized guests, subcontractors, business visitors, and event visitors who are coming onsite to obtain their badge are encouraged to enter Fermilab through the Batavia Rd. / Warrenville gate. Please go to the Fermilab Welcome and Access Center located at Aspen East in the Fermilab Village to obtain your Fermilab-ID badge prior to heading to your destination on campus. Hours and location are listed on the Who we are page. 

Important things to keep in mind as you prepare for your badging appointment:

For information on arrival procedures, emergency preparedness reminders, security guidance, and other helpful site information and resources, please review the Security and Emergency Management Site Guide.

Additional access-related processes

The Supervisory contact/Point of contact should complete the following tasks when a subcontractor, user/ affiliate, or authorized guest terminates:

    1. Email CampusAccess@fnal.gov with the name of the person and the termination date.
    2. Collect the worker’s ID badge and return it to the Campus Access Office, located on the 1st floor of Wilson Hall and Aspen East Fermilab Welcome and Access Center.
    3. If applicable, collect the worker’s key(s) and dosimetry badge and return them to the Security Operations Center (SOC), located on the ground floor of Wilson Hall.

News and alerts

Contact Campus Access

Email us or call us at (630) 840-3111

Located in Wilson Hall,1W & Aspen East Fermilab Welcome and Access Center