Onsite Access (ID Badge) and Computing Accounts (Logical/Remote Access)

Onsite and remote (logical) access for Affiliates, Authorized Guests, Contractors and Users begins here. Follow the steps below to start the process for onsite and/or remote (logical) access.

Please begin this process a minimum of 4 weeks before access is needed.

For additional information on non-U.S. citizen access to Fermilab sites and technologies, please visit the Foreign National Access Program Office.

Please see the overview of the process here: Access Steps Quick View

You MUST have either an active Fermi ID badge or a badge appointment in order to be allowed onsite.  Please make sure to complete all of the steps on this page in order to not be stopped and/or potentially turned away at the gate upon arrival.

Access Request Form

All non-employee, work or residential access to Fermilab begins with the Access Request Form. There are three types of access for Affiliates, Authorized Guests, Contractors, and Users –  remote/logical access, onsite only access and onsite with computing accounts access. You will have the opportunity to chose your access type on the access form. See below for specific instructions for each type of access. After you submit your Access Request form, your request will go through a series of approvals. Once the approval process is complete, you will receive an email with instructions for your next steps.




Once your ticket is approved, you will receive two emails from Fermiworks/Workday with your username and password to complete your onboarding. You must complete onboarding with in 30 days or your access request will be canceled.

If you do not receive one of the emails or have trouble logging in, please contact the service desk at 630-840-2345 or servicedesk@fnal.gov.

Once you finish onboarding: there is still a manual step that our office needs to complete before your access is granted/re-activated/extended.  We try to complete these within 24 business hours so please be patient with us.


Affiliates, Contractors and Users coming onsite will need to make sure all of your required training is complete prior to your final approval.

Read more about required trainings (click on the “Training” tab)

If applicable, fill out an NPUA form

If you are working on an experiment that is associated with Fermilab’s Accelerator Complex or CMS, your home institution must have a signed Non-Proprietary User Agreement on file with us. You will be contacted by the Office of Partnership and Technology Transfer if you need to complete this step.

Make your Appointment for an ID badge

If you are planning to come onsite, you will need an ID badge; you MUST have either an active Fermi ID badge or a badge appointment in order to be allowed onsite. Once you have completed the process, schedule your appointment here.  You can present your QR code at the gate and the list of names will be sent to Security to ensure gate access for those who don’t have the QR code.  If you are renewing your badge, you will need to return your old badge at your appointment.  Please bring the appropriate documents to your appointment.  You will receive an email with your badge appointment instructions the business day prior to your appointment, as well as an automated reminder around midnight the night before your appointment.

Terminating Sub-contractors, Users/Affiliates, and Authorized Guests

  • Email CampusAccess@fnal.gov with the name of the person and the termination date
  • Return keys to the Security Operations Center (SOC) on the ground floor of Wilson Hall
  • Return the ID badge to the Campus Access Office on the 1st floor of Wilson Hall