On-Site Housing

Onsite housing is available for rent only to Users, Affiliates and Employees with term appointments. It is not available for permanent employees, business visitors or members of the general public.

You much complete your onsite access request with Campus Access and be approved for site access before reaching out to the Housing office. You will need an offer letter from Fermilab or proof of your site access approval to confirm your Housing request.

All Village residents 18 and over must have a valid Fermilab badge

Get started

Prior to your arrival at Fermilab:

Complete the Fermilab onsite access request form. You will receive a confirmation via email once your request is received and processed.

Once you are approved for onsite access:

Contact the Housing Office to request housing. Please note, you must contact housing to arrange and confirm housing, even though you indicated that you would be requesting housing on the site access request form

Housing Rental Rates 

If your spouse, adult child or any person over 18 is accompanying you to stay in Fermilab Village, please fill out the Authorized Guest/Contractor Form as soon as you are confirmed for housing. They will not be allowed onsite until they have completed this step and been approved for site access.

Report any changes to the Housing Office asap. If you need to cancel your housing, please contact the Housing Office at least 2 weeks in advance of your reservation to avoid fees. 

Visit the Travel Office website for tips and travel information

When you arrive at Fermilab:

Be sure to attend your badging appointment at the appointed time. The Badging office is on the opposite side of the campus, on the first floor of Wilson Hall. If your appointment is scheduled for later in the day, feel free to check in at the housing office first

If you arrive on property M-F between 8am-4pm, check in will be available at Aspen East. If you arrive after hours or weekends, you will receive an email with information on how to collect your keys.

Rental Rates


Rent per Month

Rent per Month w/ Maid Service

1 Bedroom House



2 Bedroom House



3 Bedroom House

$1845 – $2088

$2106 – $2619

4 Bedroom House

$1782 – $2166

$2052 – $2670

5 Bedroom House



6 Bedroom House




Rent per Month

Rent per Month w/ Maid Service

1 Bedroom



2 Bedroom

$1317 – $1401

$1632 – 1662

3 Bedroom




Rent per Night

Rent per Night w/Maid Service

Single w/ shared bath


Included in nightly rate

Single w/ private bath


Included in nightly rate

Double w/ shared bath


Included in nightly rate

Double w/ private bath

$34 – $47

Included in nightly rate


Dorms:  Rooms are cleaned and linen changed once a week. Housekeeping is included in the the rental fee

Family Houses/Apartments: Weekly housekeeping is optional and available for a fee. However, it is expected that the residence will be cleaned satisfactorily.

Houses & Apartments with Singles (Arranged by Experimental Groups): Housekeeping service is required if more than a single tenant rents a unit.

Each house, apartment, and dorm room has a telephone. Common telephones are also located in the kitchen or lobby area of each dorm (local calls only).

A telephone is also located in the Vending Building at 18 Sauk Boulevard.

Dorm Room: Linens will be changed during the weekly cleaning.

Houses & Apartments without Housekeeping Service: Soiled linen is picked up once a week.

Houses & Apartments with Housekeeping Service: Linens will be changed during the weekly cleaning.

Garbage cans are located in all residences and common areas

Recycling is available is common areas and near all residences.

  • Cribs, high chairs, and booster seats are available upon request. If extra blankets or pillows are needed, call ext. 3777.
  • A heavy-duty scale (for weighing large boxes, luggage, etc.) are also available through the Housing Office.
  • Carpet and Furniture Cleaning: A resident may request annual carpet and furniture cleaning. If you want an extra cleaning, contact the Housing Office, ext. 3777, and we will arrange for a cleaning at your expense.
  • Food Service: Located in Wilson Hall, atrium level.
  • Computers and Wi-Fi The Fermilab network (FGZ) is available using a combination of VDSL and wireless access points at all Village residences. To report service problems, contact ext. 2345 or The Service Desk . Do not run computer lines (under carpeting, along walls, etc.) into your room or through a house/apartment – the Housing Office will remove them at any time.
  • Accessible Facilities: We have facilities that are accessible. If you have special needs please contact the Housing Office.
  • Common Laundry Facilities: There are coin-operated washing machines and dryers in the vending area at 18 Sauk Blvd.
  • Mail Service: Apartment style mailboxes for each house, apartment, and dorm room are located in the Vending Building at 18 Sauk Blvd. Residents will be issued keys with their housing keys
  • Ice. An ice machine is located in the basement of Aspen East.
  • Fermilab Addresses: If the United States Postal Service is used to send mail or packages to a resident onsite. Address the mail to:
    Fermilab, P. O. Box 500
    your name
    your dorm/room or house/street number
    Batavia, IL 60510-5011.Not all carriers accept P.O. Boxes, If another carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc) is used, address the package this way.
    your name
    your dorm/room or house/street number
    Kirk and Pine St,
    Batavia, IL 60510-5011.Packages. All packages are delivered to the basement of Aspen East. Use the west staircase to access the packages placed on a large shelf.  **Please note that all packages come through the mail room, so they it will take up to a day from the time you received notification that the package has been delivered for it to reach Aspen East**
  • Roll-A-Way Beds: A limited number of roll-a-way beds are available for short periods of time. Please contact the Housing Office for current pricing.
  • Taxi Service: There is a taxi service for onsite travel at no charge. The hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call ext. 4225  to arrange transportation.
  • Users Center: The Users Center, located at 2 Che Che Pinqua. Refreshments are available in the lounge. Facilities include a game room (billiards, ping-pong), lounge, restaurant, and Meeting Rooms.
  • Vending Machines: There are vending machines, mailboxes, and a telephone at 18 Sauk Blvd. It is open 24 hours a day.


General Information


All access to the village requires personal visitor to present a valid Real-ID at the guard gate.  The village is considered a Property Protected Area (PPA); therefore; access policy applies.

Contact the Housing Office to discuss potential guests visiting with you in the Village.

Overnight Guests:

Visit the Campus Access website and fill out the Authorized Guest application to begin the process. Overnight guests must receive on-site access approval and complete on-boarding.  They should receive a QR code for access and will be required to schedule a badge appointment.

Note: An authorized guest is defined as: spouse, domestic partner, child, stepchild, parent, parent-in-law

One day/ Evening Visit Request:

Village resident must send an email to access@fnal.gov requesting access for their visitor.  The following information is required:

Visitors Name
Point of Contact Information
Citizenship Information
Date of access
Access location
Duration of visit

All visitors must be escorted 100% of the time and are not allowed in any other buildings, including the User Center.

For families with small children, remember that in the United States, leaving a young child alone for even a brief period of time can be considered child neglect by state child welfare authorities. If Fermilab personnel witness any incident of this type, we may have to report the incident to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

If your children are of pre-school age (6 weeks to 5 years old), and you need child care services, contact the Children’s Center, our on-site day care facility, for information. They can tell you the current fees, hours, availability, etc. Keep in mind that there may be a waiting list, so contact the Center as soon as possible, ext. 3762. If your children are of school age (5 to 18 years old), contact the Housing Office for information about schools and bus schedules. Visit the Life at Fermilab page for a list of local offsite daycares and schools.

Children must be properly supervised at all times.

NOTE: No children are allowed to live in dormitories. The Housing Office must approve any changes to long-term living arrangements in houses or apartments. This includes the arrival or departure of children, parents, other family members, or guests. Contact the Housing Office well in advance of any such changes at housing@fnal.gov or x3777.


Who can live in the Village?

Onsite housing is available for rent only to Users and employees with term appointments. It is not available for permanent employees, business visitors or members of the general public.

Contact the Housing Office. They can help you make the appropriate arrangements.

All village residents 18 years or older must have a valid Authorized Guest Fermilab ID badge.

Pets are not allowed to live in the Village.

If you are a paid Fermilab intern, discuss this option with the housing office when you are making your reservations.

If you are a User or Affiliate, you must include the date you plan to start your housing arrangement in your onsite access request.