Global Services FAQ

Badging Office: 

General Questions

  • All Fermilab Employees should have a valid Fermilab ID badge.
  • Retired Employees

You should have a valid Fermilab Badge if you are…

  • Staying on-site
  • Working a shift
  • or visiting without an escort for at least 2 weeks.

Contact the Users Office if you have questions.

  • Contractors working on site should have a valid Fermilab ID badge
Authorized Guests
  • Village Residents
    • People staying in the village, including family members and guests, should have a valid Fermilab ID badge
  • People with children in Daycare
    • Authorized family members who need to access the Daycare should have a valid Fermilab ID badge
  • People with Gym Memberships
    • Fermilab community members who have valid Gym memberships should have a valid Fermilab ID badge

Fermilab is accessible to the public from 8 AM to 8 PM with a valid photo ID. Read more about visiting Fermilab here. 

Read more about Fermilab’s Access Policy here

View the Fermilab Access Policy here

  • New Employees
    • You will be issued your first ID badge during orientation
    • To renew your ID badge
      • Confirm any keys you have with your point of contact and visit the Badging Office.
      • If applicable, review any immigration or temporary employment documentation with the Visa Office and/ or your point of contact
      • Visit the Badging Office up to two weeks before you ID badge expires

To renew or obtain your first Fermilab ID badge:

Visit the Users Office website and follow the steps for “onsite access.”


To renew or obtain your first Fermilab ID badge:

Visit the Sub-Contractor and Authorized Guest ID Badge Website

Authorized Guests

To renew or obtain your first Fermilab ID badge:

Visit the Sub-Contractor and Authorized Guest ID Badge Website.


Employees should bring any documentation requested with them to the 15th floor for orientation. You will have received an email with a list of appropriate documentation. Visit the Workforce Development Resource Section (WDRS) for more information.


Users should bring these documents  and your current insurance card or proof of insurance to the User’s office upon arrival at Fermilab

Visit the Users Office Website for more information


Contractors should bring these documents  to the Badging Office.

Village Residents

After visiting housing, Village Residents should bring these documents  to the Badging Office.

People who have children in Daycare

After applying for an ID with Daycare, please bring these documents to the Badging Office.

People with Gym Memberships

After applying for an ID with Recreation, please bring these documents to the Badging Office.


Once approved for a Fermilab ID, come to the Badging Office for a photo and to be issued a badge

ID photos for badges must be updated if they are older than one year.

Call the Badging Office at X4506 or stop by the Badging Office and have your card checked.

Talk to your point of contact about what access you need. You can request access and keys with this form or email for more information.

  • Call X3000 or
  • Stop by the Communication Center window on the ground floor
  • You can request keys with this form 

Report a lost or stolen badge here, then come to the Badging Office to replace your ID

No. Fermilab ID badges are the property of the U.S. Government and must be returned when you leave Fermilab, or when it expires. Please return your ID badge to the Badging Office or the Security Booth before you leave, or when it expires.

Questions for Point of Contacts

Visit the Badging Office website for the instructions on applying for a Fermilab ID Badge for a contractor

The process for renewing a contractor is the same as applying for a new ID. Please follow these instructions. Please renew your contractor’s ID a few days before their ID badge expires.

If your contractor requires a computer account, please indicate so on their contractor application. If you have already submitted the form, please submit a service desk ticket to request computing accounts.

The Computer Policy Form, previously included with the old contractor form, can be found here. The contractor must follow the instructions on the form, sign, date and bring the form to the Badging Office before their account will be activated.

Housing Office

Yes, the water is safe for consumption and for cleaning. The water is tested on a regular basis. Sometimes there is a sulfur smell, however, the water is safe. If you do not prefer to use the water from the faucets, you are welcome to buy water from the water dispenser in the Vending/ Laundry building. You will need an empty gallon jug and can then fill it from the water dispenser for 40 cents.

When the Housing Office is open, you may come to Aspen East to borrow a key. If it’s winter and you don’t have your shoes on and your coat is locked inside the residence please call us on Ext. 3777 and we will ask someone to help get you into your residence. After hours, call the Fermilab Operator by dialing “0” from an onsite phone or 630-840-3000 from a cell phone.

If you are arriving during regular hours, Monday – Friday 8AM- 3:30 PM, you can pick your key up at the Housing Office, which is in Aspen East, 1 Sauk Blvd.

If you are arriving after hours, on the weekend or on a holiday, go to the Communications Center,which is open 24 hours and located on the ground floor or Wilson Hall. If you are arriving by taxi or limo, tell the driver to wait, while you pick up your key as the village is 2.5 miles away from Wilson Hall.

Prior to your guest’s arrival please notify the Housing Office with your guest’s name, and dates of their stay. Rollaway beds are available for $5/night. You will also need to fill out an Authorized Guest form  for anyone 18 years of age or older. Please note, children may not stay in the dorms.

Please check back for the next reservation period. Rooms are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.  The Housing Allocation Committee is involved in the allocation of houses and apartment.

The Frontier Pub at the Fermilab Users Center is an on-site dining area for Fermilab badge holders and their guests. This cozy gathering space serves up food, drinks and a variety of events from bands and trivia to game and movie nights. Visit the Frontier’s Pub website for more hours and more information and follow them on Facebook.

Visit the Local Resources tab on the Life at Fermilab page to a listing of off-site restaurants and grocery stores nearby.

Typically no. Contact the Housing Office to discuss your situation.

If the United States Postal Service is used to send mail or packages to a resident onsite, address the mail to Fermilab, P. O. Box 500, your name, your dorm/room or house/street number, Batavia, IL 60510-5011. If another carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc) is used, address the package to include Fermilab, Kirk & Wilson Streen, your name, your dorm/room or house/street number, Batavia, IL 60510-5011. These carriers may not accept PO Boxes. [verify]

All packages are delivered to the basement of Aspen East. Use the west staircase to access the packages placed on a large shelf. Mail is delivered to you box in the Vending/ Laundry area.

If you need a proof of address/ residency, please contact the Housing Office at X3777

Recreation Office

Gym memberships and class registrations are accepted Monday – Friday, in the Recreation Office, located on 15 West of Wilson Hall and the Badging Office, located on the ground floor of Wilson Hall.

Cash, Check, Credit or Debit

24/7, 365 days a year. You must have a valid gym membership and Fermilab badge to enter the Fitness Center.

No. The Fermilab Fitness Center is not open to the public. It is available only to Fermi Employees, Users, and their immediate family members (18 years and older) living in the same household who have a paid gym membership or a paid fitness class registration.

Yes, spouses and adult children living in the same household of Fermi Employees and Users can request a badge through the Recreation Office in order to purchase a gym membership or take a class.

No, contractors and retirees are not eligible to participate in Fermilab Recreation activities.


Bike Share FAQ


If you are unable to find an open space on the Bike Share rack, please lock the bicycle to an ordinary bicycle rack. Please contact to explain the situation and return the bicycle to a Bike Share rack at your next opportunity.

The Bike Share program is free to all Fermilab badge holders

You may rent the bicycle for up to 2 hours. The Bike Share program runs from sunrise to sunset.

You can only rent the bicycle for yourself. If you friend/ spouse is a Fermilab badge holder they can set up their own account to rent a bicycle

Yes. Bike Share members must wear helmets. If you do not, you may be stopped by security.

According to FESHM 10160 (4.4 Bicyclists), .. “any individual using a bicycle on loan from the lab… must wear a helmet.” If you are seen riding without a helmet, you will be issued a citation.

If the bicycle breaks down report it to the Badging Office via email or through the web application.  If you are not on-site it’s your responsibility to get the bike back to the lab.

Please report any damage to the Badging Office via email or through the web application.

1st offense –  a warning, we understand that accidents happen!

2nd offense – a temporary ban from the Bike Share Program and security will be notified.

3rd offense – a long-term to permanent ban from the Bike Share Program.

If the bike is stolen or damaged  while left unsecured, the last person to rent the bicycle will be responsible for the damages/ replacement of the bicycle.

Users Office

Please contact the Service Desk at, ext. 2345, or stop by their location on the ground floor of Wilson Hall.

Please contact the Service Desk at, ext. 2345, or stop by their location on the ground floor of Wilson Hall to register your device and connect it to the Fermilab network.

Medical care in the U.S. can become very expensive, very quickly for people without medical insurance. Fermilab requires that you have medical insurance that covers medical treatment for emergency and nonemergency illnesses and injuries and extends to incidents occurring while at Fermilab.

Yes, the lab is required to know who is accessing the site.

Your name should be on the housing list, which Security will be able to check to let you in the gate.  Keys for housing and can be picked up after hours in the Communication Center, located on the ground floor of Wilson Hall. Your rental car pickup will need to be arranged with the company that you are renting from.  Please note that taxi service to and from the village is not available after hours.

We are located on the mezzanine level of Wilson Hall and are open Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30.  We can be reached by email at or by phone at 630-840-3111 or 630-840-4376. **Due to COVID-19, effective Monday March 23rd, 2020, the Users Office will be available by appointment only with a minimum of 24-hour notice.  Please email us to schedule an appointment.



The Users Office will be closed the following days:

  • Thursday, December 24th
  • Friday, December 25th
  • Thursday, December 31st
  • Friday, January 1st

Office hours during the weeks of December 21st and December 28th will also be limited.