Event Visitor Access

An Event Visitor is a business visitor who is attending a conference, meeting, school or workshop, or another event as determined by the Fermilab Conference Office.

  • Event visitors (both onsite and virtual) will register for events through Fermilab Indico, if applicable.
    • If you already have an ID badge for the dates you will be coming onsite, there are no further steps needed.
    • For onsite visitors who do not have an ID badge for the event dates, the registration will automatically generate either (1) a Business Visitor Onsite Access Request (for those who are not current users/affiliates) or (2) an Onsite-Only Access Request (for current active remote users/affiliates) in ServiceNow.
      • Your access request will go through an approval process.
      • If you are a non-US citizen and are not an active user, you will need to complete onboarding in FermiWorks You will receive an email when this step is launched.
      • Once all approvals have been granted, onsite event visitors will receive a business visitor pass with a QR code, which they must present at the security gate to gain access.
      • Event visitors must also present a REAL ID at the gate.
      • Once through the security gate, you will the proceed to the Fermilab Welcome and Access Center to get your visitor badge/sticker.

Business Visitors who are coming onsite are encouraged to enter Fermilab through the Batavia Rd. / Warrenville gateBusiness Visitors must go to the Fermilab Welcome and Access Center (located in Aspen East) to get their BV badge. See our Badging Chart for additional information. 

Users or affiliates who are attending on-site events, do not already have an ID badge, and wish to have Lab access outside of the event dates must complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the onsite Access Request form for the additional days they will be onsite and obtain approval prior to their arrival; and
  2. Follow all other steps in the access process including completing training and scheduling a badging appointment prior to their arrival.

Please also note that onsite access approvals will be dependent on citizenship status and the location(s) that the individual will be visiting. It may take up to four weeks to process a request. Please plan accordingly.


*Event Visitors who do not have Fermi ID badges must be escorted when in non-public access areas by a Fermilab-badged individual, unless the event is in Wilson Hall and approvals have been obtained for event visitors to be unescorted while attending that event.

**Event Visitors who do not have a Fermi ID badge must exit the site by sundown unless there is special approval from Security to stay onsite after-hours.