Security Operations Center (SOC)

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is the central communication center for reporting emergencies and non-emergencies and resource hub for handling security-related needs.

Reasons to contact the SOC

The SOC is located on the ground floor of Wilson Hall. You are welcome to visit them in-person or contact them via email or phone (ext. 3414 for non-emergencies).

The SOC operates 24 hours a day year-round.

Common reasons to contact or visit the SOC include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Reporting emergencies or non-emergencies
  • Returning a badge and reporting lost badges
  • Getting a parking pass
  • Obtaining keys and reporting lost keys
  • Site or building access assistance
  • Lockouts – residential or building
  • Property loss or damage, including vehicles
  • Lost keys
  • Arranging access for Uber, Lyft, and ride pickup or drop-off

Reporting emergencies and incidents

In the event of an emergency, reach out to the Security Operations Center (SOC). They are the Fermilab liaison between various emergency response teams, such as the Fermilab Fire Department and local law enforcement.

The SOC will coordinate an appropriate response, to include first responders (911), if necessary, or other FNAL personnel, and guide them to the correct location.

What you need when making the call to the SOC

When calling, provide the following information:

  1. Location of emergency (room/building/street/intersection)
  2. Nature or type of emergency
  3. Your name and call back number
If you see something, say something

Even if it isn’t urgent, please don’t hesitate to call and let the SOC know if something seems out of the norm. 

Unsure if you should call? Make the call to the SOC. They may direct you to the non-emergency line, however you will still receive assistance.

Please save the following phone numbers to your phone for swift communication with the SOC.

  • Non-emergency: ext. 3414 or 630-840-3414
  • Emergency: ext. 3131 or 630-840-3131