One-Day Subcontractor

A Badged Subcontractor Point of Contact or Division/Section must send email to with the following information by 12 p.m. the prior business day [NOTE: Unless you have a QR code]:

  • Subcontractor’s First and Last Name
  • Date of Access
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Access Location (work location)
  • Country of Citizenship

The Fermilab Point of Contact for the Subcontractor should be copied in the email if request is from a badged Subcontractor.

Same-day requests WILL NOT be accepted unless deemed an emergency by the Security Chief.

Subcontractor must be escorted at all times by a Fermilab badged individual while performing work. Multiple entries are not permitted. No “chaining” requests!

Access confirmation email from the Security Operations Center (SOC) will be sent to Points of Contact (Subcontractor and/or Fermilab).

Subcontractor Orientation (SCO)

  • All personnel attending SCO are required to be badged the day of entry to the Laboratory.
  • SCO personnel are required to complete their onboarding with the Campus Access Office prior to completing SCO.
  • SCO is not to be scheduled until approved by the Campus Access Office.
  • The ES&H Subcontractor Safety Orientation “blue card” is a means of identifying training compliance and not a means of site access.
  • The Badging Office will come up to Wilson Hall 1 West prior to the start of SCO and will collect IDs to start the badging process.