Site Security & Emergency Management

The ES&H Section’s Emergency Services and Preparedness (ESP) provides Security and Emergency Management for Fermilab’s employees, users, visitors, and property through effective emergency management, fire protection, safeguard and security programs.

Line Management, Construction and Service Coordinators, Managers, Sponsors, and Point of Contacts for Users Responsibilities for Site Security:

  • Encourage personnel to have their current contact information in Everbridge, Fermilab Emergency Messaging System. Everbridge provides timely emergency alerts to the Fermilab community via email, telephone, and text messages via government-issued or private cell phones. It supplements emails alerts and on-site public address systems to alert subscribers of emergency conditions.
  • Ensure employees, users, subcontractors, etc. are familiar with Fermilab warning signals for fire, emergency, severe weather, etc. Understanding their role and participation in drills. For more information reference
  • Emergency Management (only accessible on Fermilab or through VPN Connection).
  • Protect sensitive materials (export controlled, Personal Identifiable Information, or PII).
  • Collect badges, parking passes, and keys when employees, users, or visitors terminate or leave.
  • Notify all appropriate stakeholders, including Security (x3414), when Lab property is lost or stolen.
  • Prevent access to the Lab and controlled areas by unauthorized individuals and report any suspicious behavior (x3414).
  • Take security issues seriously and hold people accountable as needed.
  • Know how to contact their direct reports during and after an emergency.