Personal Visitor Access

A personal visitor is an individual who does not access DOE or contractor information or technology and is visiting family and friends in the Fermilab Village.

 Process to obtain access as a personal visitor

If you are dropping off/picking up someone, please email Security or call the Security Operations Center at 630-840-3414.

If you are visiting family and friends in the Fermilab Village, please complete the following steps:

  1. The personal visitor’s Fermilab point of contact must fill out the personal visitor access request form.
    • For guidance on how to complete the form, check out this helpful instruction document.
    • For reference, the Fermilab point of contact is the Fermilab-badged individual the personal visitor is visiting in the Village.
  2. If the personal visitor is a non-U.S. citizen, they will receive an email with a link to enter personal information. This must be completed to obtain onsite access.
    • The request will be routed for approvals and processing including Security, and the Foreign National Access Program (FNAP), if a non-U.S. citizen personal visitor.
  3. Once all approvals are obtained, the personal visitor will receive an email with the informal invitation letter and a QR code to enter the site.
  4. At the security gate, be prepared to present your 1) QR code (located on the informal invitation letter email) and 2) * REAL ID document or alternative forms of identification.  *A REAL ID that has a hole punched in it and the paper receipt from the DMV are NOT acceptable forms of REAL ID.  In this case, please bring the alternative forms of identification.

Important information about personal visitor access

Personal visitors must be escorted at all times by a Fermilab-badged individual while onsite.

Personal visitors visiting the Fermilab Village are not permitted to stay onsite overnight. If you need to stay overnight in the Village, please submit an authorized guest form and follow the authorized guest access process to obtain a Fermilab-ID badge. Access will be reviewed by the Housing office, and they will approve or deny according to the housing overnight guidelines.

Please email Security with any questions regarding the personal visitor access process.