Site Access

There are various requirements and guidelines when coming onsite to Fermi.  

Important notes about the site:
  • Fermilab is a federal facility and is under 24/7 video surveillance and security patrol.
  • The federal site is not a public thoroughfare.
  • Additionally, persons, packages and vehicles entering or leaving Fermilab are subject to inspection or search to prevent the introduction of these prohibited articles and the unauthorized removal of government property.

 At the security gates

Individuals requesting vehicular access to the Fermilab site are required to do the following when at the security gate: 

  1. Present a valid form of identification. Acceptable forms of identification include the following:
    • A current Fermilab-ID badge,
    • A DOE HSPD-12 badge,
    • Uniformed law enforcement officers with proper credentials, or
    • A valid REAL ID document or alternative forms of identification (for those accessing the site for business purposes).
      • If you provide alternative forms of identification, you will be directed to the Fermilab Welcome and Access Center for verification during business hours. These documents will not be verified at the security gate during business hours. 
      • After hours and on weekends, alternative forms of identification will be verified at the security gate. 
  2.  Indicate the intent of their visit (e.g., conduct work, tour the Laboratory’s public areas, or attend a meeting, etc.)
Important notes:

Only original ID documents will be accepted. Copies of ID documents will not be accepted. 

All vendors must use the Wilson Street entrance and show a valid government I.D. and bill of lading.

 Pickup and drop-off

What you need to do:
  • Expecting pickup or drop-off from a family member or friend, limousine, taxi, Uber, or Lyft service? 
  • Village resident expecting food/grocery deliveries?
What the driver needs to do

Public area commercial services drivers must present their REAL ID at the security gate for site access. Drivers that fall under this category include Uber, limo, taxi, hotel shuttle bus, family member pickup/drop-off, etc.

What if the driver does not have a form of REAL ID?

    • Security will issue a gate pass that the driver must have displayed on their dashboard while onsite.
    • The driver must return the gate pass and exit through the same gate they entered.
    • Gate pass is not to be used for deliveries (except for food).

Badging appointment information

If you are returning onsite to work and need a new badge or have an expired badge, please make an appointment with the Campus Access office via the badge appointment scheduler two business days in advance of arrival.

  • Appointments are not final until a confirmation email is received from 
  • The list of appointments will be sent to the Security Operation Center (SOC) and ESH&Q/GERT (for subcontractor training) by 4 p.m. the prior business day to ensure gate access.
  • Contact the Campus Access office or Security department with questions. 
  • For full details on the access process, visit the Campus Access office page.

Authorized guests, affiliates/users, subcontractors, and business visitors must go to the Fermilab Welcome and Access Center to obtain their badge or sticker after successfully passing through the security gates.