Visa Office

Who we are

Valery Stanley, Immigration Specialist, Sr.: 630-840-3933,

Heather Foy, Program Administrator: 630-840-3811,

The general Visa Office email is


By appointment only.  We require a 24-hour notice and estimated time of arrival. We will attempt to accommodate requests based on other appointment times.

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What we do

Ensure all foreign national employees, users and visitors are authorized to be in the United States in general and at Fermilab specifically.

  • Prepare the appropriate immigration-related documents for Fermilab’s foreign national employees, users, and visitors
  • Monitor foreign nationals’ status in the United States, updating and/or amending records as needed
  • Keep the lab up to date on the U.S. immigration law changes and ensure compliance with federal law
  • Provide additional assistance to foreign nationals

Questions? Comments? Contact the Visa Office.