Business visitor access

A business visitor is an individual who has business with Fermilab that can be achieved in less than one week while being escorted when in non-public access areas. Follow the steps on this page to obtain access as a business visitor.

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Other qualifications of a business visitor include:
  • Does not require training or a Fermilab-issued ID badge
  • Does not require computing access
  • Does not receive payments or reimbursement using DOE funds

Please make sure to complete all of the necessary steps on this page in order to not be stopped and/or potentially turned away at the gate upon arrival.

Step 1: Fill out the access request form

There are two ways to begin the access request process for business visitors. Either way is acceptable in beginning the access request process for business visitors.

1) Points of contact (POC) would like to begin the access process: 

Once your point of contact completes the invitation process, the invited business visitor will receive an email to submit the rest of the required access information. The business visitor must complete this step for your access request to be routed for approvals.

2) Complete the form yourself: 

Once the access request is submitted, it is routed through the appropriate approvals prior to access granted.

Need to check the status of your submitted request?

Look up your request using your requested item (RITM) number on this page. If you have further inquiries, please submit a question using the status page.

To fully process non-U.S. citizens business visitor requests, the I-94 document is required. Please visit the documents page for full details on the I-94 document, how to obtain it, and what to do if you need it corrected.

Step 2: Obtain your business visitor temporary badge (if onsite access is requested)

Once access is approved, onsite business visitors will receive an informal invitation letter with a QR code, which must be presented at the security gate upon arrival.

You will then proceed to our Fermilab Welcome and Access Center (FWAC), located at Aspen East to get your BV badge, unless instructed otherwise for special events.  The FWAC is open from 7:30am-4:00pm.

In addition to the informal invitation letter, onsite non-U.S. business visitors will receive a formal invitation letter that can be used, if needed, in the visa process.

At the security gate, be prepared to present your 1) QR code (located on the informal invitation letter email) and 2) *REAL ID document or alternative forms of identification.  *A REAL ID that has a hole punched in it and the paper receipt from the DMV are NOT acceptable forms of REAL ID.  In this case, please bring the alternative forms of identification.

For information on arrival procedures, emergency preparedness reminders, security guidance, and other helpful site information and resources, please review the Security and Emergency Management Site Guide.

Business visitors are issued their temporary visitor badge at the Fermilab Welcome and Access Center. Hours and location are listed on the Who we are page.

Business Visitors who are coming onsite are encouraged to enter Fermilab through the Batavia Rd. / Warrenville gateBusiness Visitors must first go to the Fermilab Welcome and Access Center (located in Aspen East) to obtain their temporary blue business visitor badge prior to heading to their destination on campus. 

Important information for onsite business visitors

Business Visitors must be escorted at all times when in non-public access areas by a Fermilab-badged individual.

Business Visitors are allowed onsite during business hours, which are Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 6 PM, unless there is special approval from Security to be onsite outside of these hours.

If you are interested in information on public tours, please visit the Fermilab public tours page.