Business Visitor

  • Guidance document for BVs and POCsAn individual who has business with Fermilab that can be achieved in less than one week while being escorted when in non-public access areas.
  • Does not require training or a Fermilab ID badge
  • Does not receive payments or reimbursement using DOE funds
  • Required to show a valid REAL ID at the security gate

Must follow the process listed on Fermilab’s Security website.

To obtain virtual or onsite access, business visitors shall follow the outlined steps below. The previous email notification process will no longer be accepted for business visitors to obtain virtual or onsite access.

  1. Coordinate with your Fermilab POC the details of your visit.
  2. Fill out the Site Access and Badging form.
    • Once submitted, the access request will need to be approved by the POC.
    • In addition, non-U.S. citizens’ requests will also be routed to the Foreign National Access Program (FNAP) office and Export Control for verification and approval.
    • If you have questions about the status of your request, contact
  3. Once access is approved:
    • Non-U.S. citizens will be sent an email to complete onboarding in WorkDay. This step must be completed in order for the access request to be fully processed.
    • Onsite visitors will receive an informal letter with a QR Code. Present this at the security gate.
    • In addition to the informal letter, onsite non-U.S. visitors will also receive a formal invitation letter.

Same-day requests WILL NOT be accepted unless deemed an emergency by the Security Chief.

Business Visitors must be escorted when in non-public access areas by a Fermilab-badged individual.

For additional direction on the business visitor process, please refer to the Guidance document.