Campus Access

The Users Office and Badging Office is the first stop for most Users, Affiliates, Contractors and Authorized Guests on site at Fermilab. We process requests for Fermilab onsite and offsite computing privileges as well as ID badges.  


Read Fermilab’s Access Policy

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There are 3 types of access at Fermilab:

  • Onsite Only  Access –  Requires an ID badge, which allows you to access Fermilab’s physical sites.
  • Onsite with Computing Accounts – Requires an ID Badge, allows you to access to Fermilab’s physical sites and computing accounts.
  • Logical/Offsite Access – Does not require an ID Badge and is for remote workers who need computing accounts, but do not come the Fermilab’s physical sites.

Access for Employees is processed by HR.

Access for Affiliates, Authorized Guests, Contractors and Users is processed by the Access and Badging Office. Visit the access page to start this process.


You are required to have a Fermilab ID badge if you work or reside on Fermilab’s physical site. You will need to have a valid REAL ID compliant document  to come onsite. Badges are issued BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We require a 24-hour notice. We will attempt to accommodate requests based on other appointment times.

*** Click here to make an appointment at least 1 business day in advance***

News and alerts

  • A REAL ID is required for all personnel requesting onsite access. Read More
  • Campus Access (The Badging and Users Offices) has moved! We are now on the first floor at the northwest corner of the atrium.

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