Urgent Short-Term Worker Access

An Urgent Short-term Worker (one-day Subcontractor) is an individual who accesses Fermilab facilities and resources, and works for one day or less via a procurement-managed subcontract with FRA or a DOE-approved agreement (e.g., performing small electrical or plumbing repairs, computer server replacements, etc.).

To start the process of getting access as a one-day subcontractor, your Fermilab Point of Contact should fill out the urgent short-term worker request form.

  • This access request form will go to Security for approval. Same-day requests WILL NOT be accepted unless deemed an emergency by the Security Chief.
  • Once approved, the subcontractor will receive an email with the informal invitation letter and a QR code to enter the site.
  • The subcontractor must present a REAL ID at the security gate in order to be allowed onsite.
  • Subcontractor must be escorted at all times by a Fermilab badged individual while performing work.

Multiple entries of this form are not permitted. No “chaining” requests!  If you need access for more than one day, please go through our badging process for subcontractors.

See our instructions document for step-by-step instruction on how to fil lout the urgent short-term worker access request form.

Please email Access with any questions regarding this process.