User agreements

Nonproprietary user agreements

A nonproprietary user agreement (NPUA), signed by the appropriate institutional officer at the user’s institution, will be required before individual users can work on site at Fermilab on experiments that are associated with the Fermilab accelerator complex or CMS.

Under this agreement:

  • Users commit to publishing research results in the open literature
  • Users retain the right to elect title to their own inventions
  • Department of Energy retains unlimited rights in generated data

Users whose institutions have signed an NPUA with Fermilab will need to sign an NPUA Participant Acknowledgement Form before receiving their Fermilab visitor ID badge (which can be done in the Users Office when completing the process for your ID badge).

For questions regarding these user agreements, please contact Laura Rogas or Cherri Schmidt in Fermilab’s Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer.

Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer – NPUA (this includes the option to download a copy of Fermilab’s standard nonproprietary user agreement)

Open letter from Fermilab’s Chief Operating Officer regarding user agreements