In alignment with DOE Order 142.3B UFNA, the role of hosts is required at Fermilab.

What are hosts?

Hosts are responsible for the activities associated with non-U.S. citizen access to the laboratory and its information and/or technologies. When applicable, non-U.S. citizens will be assigned a host by the FNAP Office. In order to be designated a host there are various qualifications that must be met, including annual host training.

Please visit the FAQ page or review the Host Fact Sheet to learn more about the host role and responsibilities.

Foreign National Security Plans (FNSPs)

In certain circumstances, Foreign National Security Plans (FNSPs) are required. In these particular situations, the host is responsible for acknowledging their assigned non-U.S. citizen’s Foreign National Security Plan (FNSP). As required by DOE, a FNSP accompanies a non-U.S. citizen’s access request in certain circumstances. The FNSP must include details regarding the individual’s access to the Fermilab site, information, or technologies. FNSPs are intended to assist hosts in their responsibilities regarding terms and conditions of access approval, such as protecting information and facilities not intended for access by the foreign national.

Hosts of Business Visitors are required to ensure their assigned non-U.S. citizens are escorted when in non-public areas.

The responsibilities of non-U.S. citizens

Non-U.S. citizens are expected to alert their assigned host of anything that would affect their status in the U.S. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Change in name, passport or U.S. visa information
  • Change in U.S. immigration status
  • Change in Fermilab access dates
  • Any plans to leave the U.S., even for a short period of time
  • Any interactions with law officials in the U.S.

Once the host is informed by their assigned non-U.S. citizen, they must contact the FNAP office.