Rules of the road at Fermilab

While driving or riding your bike on the property, it’s essential to adhere to the rules of the road.

Rules of the road

Below are reminders for drivers and bicyclists navigating the Fermi site.

  • Exercise caution and reduce speed when encountering the transportation of large or sensitive equipment.
  • Please exercise caution when encountering our emergency vehicles.
  • Speeding is not prohibited, and we encourage responsible and safe driving practices to maintain a secure and efficient traffic flow.
  • Use caution at all stop signs, road crossings, and railroad crossings to ensure the safety of pedestrians and fellow drivers.
  • Pay attention to road signs that prohibit public access. Stay on designated paths to avoid getting lost or entering unauthorized areas.

Reporting accidents

In the event of a vehicular accident, please promptly report it by calling the Security Operations Center (SOC) at 630-840-3414. Your cooperation ensures a swift and effective response to incidents on campus.

Vehicle lockouts and vehicle starts are not provided. Individuals must call off-site service.