Getting Started with Fermilab Housing

Prior to your arrival at Fermilab:

Complete the Fermilab onsite access request form. You will receive a confirmation via email once your request is received and processed.

Once you are approved for onsite access:

Please complete the Housing Request form. Follow the steps in the Housing request form. See the Procedure on Housing Process.  

  • Housing Request Form
  • Please send the proof of site access approval for the dates of your stay. Acceptable proof of site access is:
    • Invitation letter with valid site access dates covering your stay
    • Site access approval email from Service Now with valid site access dates covering your stay
    • Offer letter from HR with valid site access dates covering your stay

Please note, indicating that you are interested in housing on the site access request form does not guarantee housing. You must complete the above process.

Report any changes to the Housing Office asap. If you need to cancel your housing, please contact the Housing Office at least 2 weeks in advance of your reservation to avoid fees. 

Authorized Guests

If your spouse, adult child or any person over 18 is accompanying you to stay in Fermilab Village, please fill out the Authorized Guest/Contractor Form as soon as you are confirmed for housing. They will not be allowed onsite until they have completed this step and been approved for site access.

Please note: An authorized guest is defined as: spouse, domestic partner, child, stepchild, parent, parent-in-law. Business Visitors and Personal Visitors cannot stay in the Village. 

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