General Information

Arriving at Fermilab

Check in is at 3 PM. You will receive an email prior to your arrival with instructions to pick up your key. Your key will be at 18 Sauk Blvd, the Vending/ Laundry room. Keys will not be issued unless your payment has been received. Payment can be made at the Aspen East Housing Office or by calling 630-840-3777.

Be sure to attend your badging appointment at the appointed time. If your appointment is scheduled for later in the day, feel free to check in at the housing office first.

Village Access: Guests and Visitors

All access to the village requires personal visitor to present a valid Real-ID at the guard gate.  The village is considered a Property Protected Area (PPA); therefore; access policy applies.

Contact the Housing Office to discuss potential guests visiting with you in the Village.

Overnight Guests:

Visit the Campus Access website and fill out the Authorized Guest application to begin the process. Overnight guests must receive on-site access approval and complete on-boarding.  They should receive a QR code for access and will be required to schedule a badge appointment.

Note: An authorized guest is defined as: spouse, domestic partner, child, stepchild, parent, parent-in-law

One day/ Evening Visit Request:

Please visit the Campus Access website and fill out the form for “Personal Visitors”

All visitors must be escorted 100% of the time and are not allowed in any other buildings, including the User Center.

Notes for Families with Children

For families with small children, remember that in the United States, leaving a young child alone for even a brief period of time can be considered child neglect by state child welfare authorities. If Fermilab personnel witness any incident of this type, we may have to report the incident to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

If your children are of pre-school age (6 weeks to 5 years old), and you need child care services, contact the Children’s Center, our on-site day care facility, for information. They can tell you the current fees, hours, availability, etc. Keep in mind that there may be a waiting list, so contact the Center as soon as possible, ext. 3762. If your children are of school age (5 to 18 years old), contact the Housing Office for information about schools and bus schedules. Visit the Life at Fermilab page for a list of local offsite daycares and schools.

Children must be properly supervised at all times.

NOTE: No children are allowed to live in dormitories. The Housing Office must approve any changes to long-term living arrangements in houses or apartments. This includes the arrival or departure of children, parents, other family members, or guests. Contact the Housing Office well in advance of any such changes at or x3777.

Mail at Fermilab

If the United States Postal Service is used to send mail or packages to a resident onsite. Address the mail to:

Fermilab, P. O. Box 500
your name
your dorm/room or house/street number
Batavia, IL 60510-5011.

Not all carriers accept P.O. Boxes, If another carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc) is used, address the package this way.

your name
your dorm/room or house/street number
Kirk and Pine St,
Batavia, IL 60510-5011

All packages are delivered to 18 Sauk Blvd, the vending/laundry building
**Please note that all packages come through the mail room, so they it will take up to a day from the time you received notification that the package has been delivered for it to reach Aspen East**


Onsite housing is available for Users, Interns (participants in Fermilab student programs), and Affiliates are eligible for Onsite Housing. Spouses, domestic partners, children, stepchildren, parents, and parents-in-law of eligible individuals are considered “immediate family members” and are also eligible with approved site access . All Village residents must have a Fermilab badge.

Contact the Housing Office Monday- Friday, 8-4 PM. They can help you make the appropriate arrangements.

All village residents 18 years or older must have a valid Authorized Guest Fermilab ID badge.

Pets are not allowed to live in the Village.