Housing Information

General Information


Rental fees and other charges are payable by check, money order, major credit cards, or approved project/task number (travel code). For occupancies in excess of 30 days, payments are due on the 1st of each month and can be made at the Housing Office, Aspen East or by calling 1-630-840-3777 or x3777. It is your responsibility to pay rental fees on time.

Check in time is 3:00 p.m. Please refer to the email instructions you have received from the Housing Office

Check out time is 11:00 a.m.

Residences must be vacated at the above indicated time on the day specified on your housing contract. If you stay beyond 11:00 a.m. on your check out day, you are prohibiting use by another guest who has reserved this room and you will be charged additional rent. If you need to extend your stay, contact the Housing Office at housing@fnal.gov or ext. 3777 as soon as possible.

All residences are subject to departure inspections near the check-out date. The Housing Office may charge additional fees if the building, equipment, or furniture are damaged beyond normal wear.

Before checking out of a dormitory, be sure to discard any food stored in the room or kitchen.

The Housing Office must be informed of the names of all tenants and their guests in each unit at ALL times. When an experimental group rents houses, apartments, or dorm rooms, it is mandatory that the Housing Office be notified as each new guest arrives or departs. Failure to comply may result in a delay when arriving at Fermilab, or even refusal to access the site.

NOTE: The Housing Office must approve any changes to long-term living arrangements in houses, apartments, or dormitory rooms. This includes the arrival or departure of children, parents, other family members, or friends. Contact the Housing Office well in advance of any such changes at housing@fnal.gov or x3777. No children are allowed to live in dormitories.

Lockouts: In order to assure that you will not be locked out of your residence, it is important that you have your keys with you at all times. There are emergency keys available from the Housing Office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. At all other times, contact Security at ext. 3414 for access to your residence.

Returns: When checking out of your accommodations, the key should be returned to the Housing Office in Aspen East or the Key Return Box at 18 Sauk Blvd.

All village residents 18 years or older, including temporary guests, must have a valid Authorized Guest Fermilab ID badge.

1.Contact the Housing Office to discuss potential guests visiting with you in the Village.

2.Visit the Campus Access website and fill out the Authorized Guest application to begin the process. Read through the relevant FAQs.

3. Go to the Housing Office with the Authorized Guest once they are arrived.

For families with small children, remember that in the United States, leaving a young child alone for even a brief period of time can be considered child neglect by state child welfare authorities. If Fermilab personnel witness any incident of this type, we may have to report the incident to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

If your children are of pre-school age (6 weeks to 5 years old), and you need child care services, contact the Children’s Center, our on-site day care facility, for information. They can tell you the current fees, hours, availability, etc. Keep in mind that there may be a waiting list, so contact the Center as soon as possible, ext. 3762. If your children are of school age (5 to 18 years old), contact the Housing Office for information about schools and bus schedules. Visit the Life at Fermilab page for a list of local offsite daycares and schools.

Children must be properly supervised at all times.

NOTE: No children are allowed to live in dormitories. The Housing Office must approve any changes to long-term living arrangements in houses or apartments. This includes the arrival or departure of children, parents, other family members, or guests. Contact the Housing Office well in advance of any such changes at housing@fnal.gov or x3777.


For current information on Fermilab identification badges visit the Campus Access website. You must have a valid Fermilab ID Badge to access the Village.


Onsite emergency services provided by the Laboratory include:


Your call to ext. 3131 goes directly to the Laboratory Operator. When the Operator answers, state your name, location, and the nature of the emergency. Remain on the phone until the operator indicates that he/she has all the information needed for the responding units. The Operator will then activate the emergency signals.

Severe weather warnings or other emergency situations are announced over the Sitewide Emergency Warning System (SEWS) from the Communications Center in Wilson Hall. Tone Alert Receivers (TARs) or other transmission devices are installed in all houses, apartments, and dormitories and will receive and announce emergency information. ALWAYS LEAVE THESE UNITS ON AND NEVER UNPLUG THEM! If they activate, listen to the emergency message and follow the instructions. You can then reset the unit by pushing the “RESET” button.

The Outdoor Warning Siren System is also part of SEWS. Two alarms are present in the Village – one in the parking area behind Dorm 4 and one at Kuhn Barn. They will activate as a steady alarm in case of a severe weather warning or as an oscillating (or, “warbling”) alarm in the event of a national emergency. In either event, you must seek shelter when you hear these exterior sirens. SEWS is tested on the first Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m. Depending on your location, you will hear the indoor units or the outdoor sirens at that time.

In the unlikely event of a violent situation, including an Active Shooter/Active Threat situation, remove yourself from the threat by running or hiding from the danger. From a safe location, call x3131 and report the threat. Only if you are unable to run or hide, you should attempt to directly fight the threatening individual.

In case of emergency, shelter areas are located in the Village at the following locations:

Dorm 3-Basement, 1 Shabbona
14 Sauk Circle-Basement, South of Batavia Rd.
Bell Tower Hill, Next to Children’s Center (28 Shabbona)
Lab 6, 32A Neuqua
Lab 8, 29 Blackhawk

Pay attention to tornado or severe weather alerts from the Tone Alert Receivers (TARs), and seek shelter if necessary. If indoors and a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, do not use electrical appliances, including the telephone. Move away from the windows. If the storm worsens and you cannot move to a shelter quickly and must take refuge inside your residence, then try to assemble in a small interior room with as few windows as possible, and without hazardous equipment present (water heaters, furnaces, etc.).

If you decide to travel outside to a designated shelter, use extreme caution. Be aware of heavy rain, hail, lightening and flying debris.

All Fermilab residences have smoke alarms, manual pull stations, heat sensors, and carbon monoxide monitors throughout the building and smoke detectors in individual sleeping quarters. Do not remove, unplug, disable, cover, obstruct, or tamper with any of these devices in any Fermilab residence.

If a smoke alarm, heat sensor, or carbon monoxide monitor alarms:

  1. Leave the residence immediately; pull the fire alarm as you exit the building. Do not investigate alarm!
  2. Call x3131 from a safe location, and
  3. Assemble across the street from the building. Do not leave the assembly area once you are there until instructed to do so by Fire or Security personnel.

If the device emits an occasional “beep” or other noise, contact the Housing Office, ext. 3777 or the Communications Center, ext. 3414.


Each house, apartment, and dorm room has a telephone. Common telephones are also located in the kitchen or lobby area of each dorm (local calls only). Locations of these telephones are as follows:

Dorm 1 (The Pad), 32 Sauk Blvd. Kitchen, ext. 3583
Dorm 2, 2 Shabbona Kitchen, ext. 3424
Dorm 3, 1 Shabbona Kitchen, ext. 4904
Dorm 4, 20 Potawatomi Kitchen, ext. 3448
Dorm 5, 33 Neuqua Kitchen, ext. 4762
Dorm 6, 23 Potawatomi Kitchen, ext. 4706
Aspen East, 1 Sauk Blvd. Lobby, ext. 3291

Fermilab Phone Book

A telephone is also located in the Vending Building at 18 Sauk Boulevard.

Each house, apartment, and dorm room has a telephone. Common telephones are also located in the kitchen or lobby area of each dorm (local calls only).

A telephone is also located in the Vending Building at 18 Sauk Boulevard.


Dorms:  Rooms are cleaned and linen changed once a week. Housekeeping is included in the the rental fee

Family Houses/Apartments: Weekly housekeeping is optional and available for a fee. However, it is expected that the residence will be cleaned satisfactorily.

Houses & Apartments with Singles (Arranged by Experimental Groups): Housekeeping service is required if more than a single tenant rents a unit.


Dormitory – Common Areas: Common areas (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.) are cleaned each day, Monday through Friday. However, the housekeepers do NOT clean dishes, utensils, and personal items. Residents are responsible for cleaning these items. Specifically:

  • Wash your dishes after they are used. This includes any pots, pans, utensils, plates, glasses, silverware, or anything else from the kitchen. Use the supplied dishwashing liquid. Don’t leave them in the sink, thinking you’ll get back to it later. After washing them, place them into the dish rack to drain and dry. Make sure the dish rack drains into the sink, not onto the counter. (When you return to the kitchen, put back the dried items to where they belong.)
  • Wipe up any food, liquid, or food residue after cooking or eating. Wipe the counters, the cooktop, the microwave, the oven, and the table where you sit and eat. If food boils over, clean it up then, before it has a chance to harden. Use the cloths that are supplied.
  • Don’t leave food heating on the cook top or in the microwave unattended. If you must leave the kitchen, be sure nothing is heating. There have been too many occasions of burnt food that could lead to fire.
  • Do not leave your dishes in your room. It’s OK to take a dish or 2 up to your room to eat. But, when you leave your room afterwards, be sure to take them back to the kitchen – and wash them.
  • When storing leftover food in the refrigerator, don’t use pots, pans, or other dishes from the kitchen. Store leftovers in sealable containers or bags.
  • Do not store leftover food in open containers on the kitchen countertops or in the cabinets.
  • All food containers or bags stored in the refrigerators or kitchen cabinets must be sealed tightly, and be labeled. Do not leave open bags or open containers of food anywhere. They attract insects. Labels are in the kitchen drawers.

If the kitchen needs more utensils, cleaning supplies, or anything else, please contact the Housing Office at x3777 or housing@fnal.gov .

Dormitory – Room: Rooms are cleaned and linen changed once a week.

Houses & Apartments with Families: Housekeeping service provided by the Housing Office is not required. However, it is expected that the residence will be cleaned satisfactorily. If you wish to have housekeeping service, contact the Housing Office at ext. 3777.

Houses & Apartments with Singles (Arranged by Experimental Groups): Housekeeping service is required if more than a single tenant rents a unit. The monthly fee varies, depending on the size of the house/apartment. Each week the entire unit is cleaned, except for the washing of dishes and the inside of the refrigerator and oven.

Dorm Room: Linens will be changed during the weekly cleaning.

Houses & Apartments without Housekeeping Service: Soiled linen is picked up once a week.

Houses & Apartments with Housekeeping Service: Linens will be changed during the weekly cleaning.

Dorm Room: Linens are changed once a week. Call the Housing Office, ext. 3777, if you need to know the specific day.

Houses & Apartments without Housekeeping Service: Soiled linen is picked up on Monday morning for houses north of Batavia Road and Tuesday mornings for houses and apartments on Sauk Circle. On the scheduled day, please complete the linen tag and place your soiled linen outside your front, exterior door by 10:00 a.m. using the plastic bag provided for this purpose. Clean replacements are delivered the same afternoon before 4:00 p.m.

Houses & Apartments with Housekeeping Service: Linens will be changed during the weekly cleaning. If additional linen is needed, or if you need to know what day your linen will be changed, call the Housing Office, ext. 3777.

Bedspreads& Blankets: If your bedspreads, blankets, or quilts need cleaning, call the Housing Office at ext. 3777. We can arrange for these items to be picked up, dry-cleaned, and returned to you twice per year. More frequent cleanings will result in extra charges to the resident.

Garbage cans are located in all residences and common areas

Recycling is available is common areas and near all residences.

Dormitories: Garbage cans are located in the kitchen area of each dormitory. These will be emptied on weekdays to the dumpsters or totes outside.

Village and Sauk Circle Houses/Apartments: There is a large garbage tote or dumpster near your building. The totes will be emptied weekly. You do not have to move the tote to the front of your driveway. However, garbage must be put in a plastic bag before placing it in the tote.

Recycling for residential buildings allows mixing of recyclable metal, glass, plastic and paper in the same container – separation is not necessary. Specific information regarding the types of material that can be recycled is listed below. This program includes recyclables from RESIDENCES ONLY. You must not place any recyclables from experimental areas of the lab (e.g., scrap metal) into the residential recycling containers.

Dormitories: In each dormitory kitchen, a labeled recycling container is provided. Please be sure to place ONLY recyclables into this container. The housekeeping staff will transfer the recyclables to the recycling containers positioned near the trash dumpsters.

Village and Sauk Circle Houses/Apartments: Specially-marked recycling containers are provided next to the garbage totes. Recycling will be picked up weekly. Remember to place only recyclables into the recycling tote and the regular garbage into the garbage tote.

  • METAL — Rigid household containers – mainly cans. Empty and thoroughly rinse. No gutters, siding, toys, pots, pans, lab scrap metal, etc.
  • GLASS — Rigid household containers only – mainly bottles. Empty and thoroughly rinse. No windows, mirrors, broken glass, etc.
  • PLASTIC — Rigid household containers only. Empty, rinse, and remove the caps. Check the number on the container – 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are recyclable. Numbers 6 and 7 are NOT recyclable. Packing material, such as polystyrene “peanuts” are NOT recyclable.
  • PAPER — Cardboard, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, envelopes, and white paper are all OK. Break boxes down flat. DO NOT recycle laminated paper, paper towels/tissues, or paper contaminated with food (e.g., pizza boxes).

All of these types can be placed into the recycle bins together – they do not need to be separated (though you may want to keep paper in a separate bag to reduce the chance of blowing away during transfer).

Satellite TV is available at the Users Center

Due to site access restrictions, Satellite TV installation is not allowable. Residences have a television with antennas that allow access to local channels.

Cribs, high chairs, and booster seats are available upon request. If extra blankets or pillows are needed, call ext. 3777.

A heavy-duty scale (for weighing large boxes, luggage, etc.) are also available through the Housing Office.

Carpet and Furniture Cleaning: A resident may request annual carpet and furniture cleaning. If you want an extra cleaning, contact the Housing Office, ext. 3777, and we will arrange for a cleaning at your expense.

Food Service: Located in Wilson Hall, atrium level. Current hours and menu selections are at http://www.freshseasonscafe.com/dining/fermilab/this-weeks-menu/ .

Computers and Wi-Fi The Fermilab network (FGZ) is available using a combination of VDSL and wireless access points at all Village residences. To report service problems, contact ext. 2345 or The Service Desk . Do not run computer lines (under carpeting, along walls, etc.) into your room or through a house/apartment – the Housing Office will remove them at any time.

Accessible Facilities: We have facilities that are accessible. If you have special needs please contact the Housing Office.

Common Laundry Facilities: There are coin-operated washing machines and dryers in the vending area at 18 Sauk Blvd.

Mail Service: Apartment style mailboxes for each house, apartment, and dorm room are located in the Vending Building at 18 Sauk Blvd. Residents will be issued keys with their housing keys

Fermilab Addresses:If the United States Postal Service is used to send mail or packages to a resident onsite. Address the mail to:

Fermilab, P. O. Box 500
your name
your dorm/room or house/street number
Batavia, IL 60510-5011.

Not all carriers accept P.O. Boxes, If another carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc) is used, address the package this way.
your name
your dorm/room or house/street number
Kirk and Pine St,
Batavia, IL 60510-5011.

Packages. All packages are delivered to Vending Building located at 18 Sauk Blvd.  **Please note that all packages come through the mail room, so they it will take up to a day from the time you received notification that the package has been delivered for it to reach Aspen East**

Roll-A-Way Beds: A limited number of roll-a-way beds are available for short periods of time. Please contact the Housing Office for current pricing.

Taxi Service: There is a taxi service for onsite travel at no charge. The hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call ext. 4225 (HACK) to arrange transportation.

Users Center: The Users Center, located at 2 Che Che Pinqua. Refreshments are available in the lounge. Facilities include a game room (billiards, ping-pong), lounge, restaurant, and Meeting Rooms.

These rooms may be reserved for Fermilab and/or User events, using the Event Approval System.

Vending Machines: There are vending machines, mailboxes, and a telephone at 18 Sauk Boulevard. It is open 24 hours a day.

Maintenance repairs in your house, apartment, or dorm can be reported by emailing workcentral@fnal.gov. If you need an emergency repair after regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday), call the Fermilab Operator (dial “0”) or dial 630-840-3414.


Pets are not allowed to live in the Village.



Smoking is prohibited in all home, dormitories and apartments, including vaping,  electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). All smoking materials, including cigarette butts, must be discarded in a responsible manner (inside designated containers, etc.).

The following are prohibited in any house, apartment, or dormitory room:

  • Appliances not installed or approved by Accommodations, including washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers.
  • Air conditioners, including window units.

Any of these items are subject to removal by the Housing Office.

Here is some additional information about appliances:

  • All electrical appliances must be kept 6 feet (2 meters) away from any water supply, including kitchen and bathroom fixtures. If the electrical appliance is to be operated outside, it must be powered from a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacle or adapter. This is to prevent electrocution. Every GFCI receptacle and adapter must be tested (press test, then reset buttons) before each use.
  • Extension cords and power strips may only be plugged into a permanent wall receptacle, and must not be plugged into each other.
  • Electrical cords are not to be run through doorways (neither interior nor exterior) or windows.
  • Electrical cords are not to be run under rugs or carpeting.
  • Kitchen appliances are only to be used on kitchen area countertops. This includes but is not limited to toasters, microwave ovens, electric cookers, and coffeemakers.
  • Oven doors should be closed after cooking. Ovens and other appliances are not to be used for heating rooms.
  • Gas ranges and ovens must be turned off when cooking is finished. Please check to be sure all valves and handles are fully closed after cooking to prevent gas from escaping.
  • Promptly report switches, fixtures and receptacles that do not work or that feel loose or broken to the Housing Office so they can be repaired.
  • No outdoor cooking is allowed except in designated areas. Open outdoor fires are prohibited.

A special note about SPACE HEATERS:

  • Must use 1500 watts maximum and operate using standard household current (110 volts). Fuel powered space heaters are not permitted.
  • Must have a tip-over shutdown feature. If a space heater is knocked over, the unit must automatically shut off.
  • Must be UL (Underwriters Laboratory), or FM (Factory Mutual) approved, and must be labeled accordingly.
  • Must have a thermostat that shuts unit off when a temperature setting is reached.
  • Must be fan driven with a ceramic core OR liquid filled.
  • Space heaters with heated coils are NOT permitted.

The Housing Office can supply you with an approved space heater.


All houses, apartments and dormitories have driveways or lots to park your vehicles. DO NOT park on any grassy areas. Vehicles parked for an extended time (more than 2 weeks) in the dormitory parking lots, common parking areas, or on the street are subject to towing and removal from the site. If you are absent from the lab for an extended time, park your vehicle in the long term parking lot. This is the gravel lot located between Shabbona and Blackhawk. You need to register and display a hang tag to park here. You can get the tag at the Security Operations Center, Wilson Hall, ground floor. For more information about the Long Term Parking Program, contact Security at ext. 3414.. This lot frees up valuable parking spaces. Also, snow removal efforts are greatly improved when these vehicles are not scattered throughout our parking lots.

Please note that several streets in the Village are designated with signs that inform you that parking is not allowed on that street after a 2-inch or greater snowfall. Also, snow will not be plowed in parking areas marked with green cones.

Use of exterior storage or moving containers (PODS, ReloCubes, U-Pack containers, U-Haul trailers, etc.) must be authorized by the Housing Office before the container or trailer is placed at any onsite residential building or parking lot. Contact the Housing Office at housing@fnal.gov or x3777 before arranging the delivery of any container or trailer. The Housing Office must know the type and size, as well as anticipated dates. Any such container or trailer, if approved, can remain onsite no more than 5 days. Excessive materials cannot be stored on a porch or any location visible from outside.

NOTE: Prior to set up or installation, any playground equipment, exercise equipment, or other apparatus on the grounds of any Fermilab residence must be approved by the Housing Office. Trampolines and pools are not allowed.

Materials stored inside residences cannot block doorways, emergency exits, windows, attics, or crawlspace access points. Stored material cannot impede the flow of foot-traffic inside the house, apartment, or dorm room. Material cannot be stored in attic spaces or crawlspaces, as well as in front of electrical or fire control panels. Specific areas prohibiting storage of any materials may be designated with markings and/or signage. Excessive materials cannot be stored on a porch or any location visible from outside.