Bike Share FAQ

If you are unable to find an open space on the Bike Share rack, please lock the bicycle to an ordinary bicycle rack or similar fixed object. Take the key with you. Please contact the Bike Share Administrators to explain the situation and return the bicycle to a Bike Share rack at your next opportunity.

The Bike Share program is free to all Fermilab badge holders

You may rent the bicycle for up to 2 hours. The Bike Share program runs from sunrise to sunset.

You can only rent the bicycle for yourself. If you friend/ spouse is a Fermilab badge holder they can set up their own account to rent a bicycle

Yes. Bike Share members must wear helmets. If you do not, you may be stopped by security and issued a citation.

According to FESHM 10160 (4.4 Bicyclists), .. “any individual using a bicycle on loan from the lab… must wear a helmet.” If you are seen riding without a helmet, you will be issued a citation.

If the bicycle breaks down report it to the Bike Share Administrators via email or through the web application.  If you are not on-site it’s your responsibility to get the bike back to the lab.

Please report any damage to the Bike Share Administrators via email or through the web application.

1st offense –  a warning, we understand that accidents happen!

2nd offense – a temporary ban from the Bike Share Program and the incident will be reported to security.

3rd offense – a long-term to permanent ban from the Bike Share Program.

If the bike is stolen or damaged  while left unsecured, the last person to rent the bicycle will be responsible for the damages/ replacement of the bicycle.