Short Term Scholars

Foreign nationals coming to Fermilab for up to six months to lecture, observe, consult, and to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences, study tours, professional meetings, or similar types of educational and professional activities. Generally, basic research is not an appropriate activity for a Short-Term Scholar.

A letter inviting the foreign national to Fermilab is issued. You must promptly email your acceptance to the person listed in the letter. A copy of the invitation and your acceptance must also be provided provided to the Visa Office.

The Visa Office then sends an email that includes the URL of our Online Immigration Portal, as well as a login name and password (which you will have to change the first time you login). The online immigration portal gives you access to our online questionnaires, a list of the documents we require and explanations of what each are, and links to immigration-related sites. You can upload your documents directly to this system. It also shows you the status of our work on your case, and gives you access to a secure, internal messaging system.

It is critical that you provide your information and documents as soon as possible. DO NOT WAIT. The Visa Office cannot begin to process your J-1 paperwork until we receive the necessary information and documents.

Please see our Entering the U.S./Accessing Fermilab information for details about the length of time the visa application likely will take.

Please note that this website still is under construction.  More immigration information and other visa statuses will be available soon.

Questions? Comments? Contact the Visa Office!