Cost of Living for J-1 Exchange Visitors

In order to issue J-1 visa paperwork for visitors, Fermilab Visa Office is required to ensure that all J-1 Exchange Visitors and their dependents have sufficient funding to cover the duration of their stay at Fermilab.


Financial Requirements for J-1 Exchange Visitors

Funding sources may include Fermilab, home institution, Exchange Visitor’s government, international organizations, and similar sources. Personal funds may be considered in some situations, and must be documented by recent bank statements. Fermilab funding information should be provided by the Fermilab Division/Department/Group inviting the EV; while the outside funding must be outlined by the J-1 Exchange Visitor in the Visa Office questionnaire.

The below table of minimum funding is meant to cover the basic necessities only with no regard for any possible emergencies. We recommend that each visitor arranges funding in excess of the minimum level provided below. In addition, the funding below does NOT include health insurance, which must be secured by each visitor and family member before the visa paperwork is sent to them.


Minimum Funding Levels

Monthly Annually
J-1 Exchange Visitor $2,000 $24,000
J-2 Spouse $800 $9,600
J-2 Child (each) $500 $6,000
Family of three $3,000 $36,000*
*Each additional child $200


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