Users Office

Who we are

Kim: 630-840-3111,

Linda: 630-840-4376,

The general Users Office email is


By appointment only.  We require a 24-hour notice and estimated time of arrival. We will attempt to accommodate requests based on other appointment times.

***Please email us to make an appointment.***

Visit the Global Services’ Coronavirus (Covid-19) page and click on the Town Hall meeting link for more information about services, visas, site access, medical, accounts, and recreation.

What we do

The Users Office is the first stop for most users on site at Fermilab. We process requests for Fermilab computing privileges and ID badges for users and visitors. We also provide information about the lab and local resources. Our office is located in Wilson Hall on the mezzanine and we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00-2:30 and from 3:30-4:30. Access request information can be found on the On-site access and computing account page.

Do you have suggestions, comments or concerns?  Please email us, call us at 630-840-3111 or 630-840-4376, or stop by to see us.