Recreation News


In light of the recent Coronavirus Pandemic all onsite activities that fall under the Recreation umbrella will be closed or cancelled until further notice. This includes:

  • Fermilab Fitness Center Closed until further notice. Gym Memberships will be extended for the time lost when we re-open.
  • Fitness Classes Cancelled until further notice. Fitness Classes will resume when we re-open and instructor availability is confirmed. Gym access will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Onsite Athletic Leagues Cancelled until further notice.
  • Fermilab Club Activities Cancelled until further notice.

Please note that Fermi Badge access to the Fitness Center will be shut off for everyone until further notice.



The pool in the Fermilab Village will remain closed this summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision was made out of an abundance of precaution as COVID-19 continues to infect people locally and across the nation.

The current CDC and Illinois Dept. of Public Health guidelines would make it difficult, or impossible, to follow social-distancing and safety recommendations while utilizing the pool. Fermilab takes the health and safety of our Fermilab Community very seriously. Social distancing in a pool would be difficult. Chlorine may kill the virus, but it’s also spread by being near people through talking, interacting, and touching infected surfaces while in the pool, around the pool and in the locker rooms. We cannot safely protect you from that. We apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause and thank you for your understanding. 




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