Walk2Run and Walk2Walk

Fermilab Walk2 Run is for Fermilab Employees, Users, and Affiliates.

This FREE 10-week program will teach you to run/speed walk, improve your fitness, and assist you in losing weight and lowering cholesterol. Not interested in running, please join us and walk. Walkers are welcome.

Week One will consist of running/speed walking 2 minutes and walking 4 minutes, repeated 5 times. We will gradually increase your running/speed walking potential each week. Week Ten will consist of a 30-minute continuous run/speed walk.

You are welcome to join us regardless of age, speed or level of experience. Wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothes.

When:     10 weeks beginning August 31 thru the week of November 2

Onsite Time:       Wednesdays 4:30-5:15pm, Meet Outside Wilson Hall West Side

Telecommuters:  At your convenience

Please complete your Recreation Waiver in FermiWorks prior to August 31st. 

For more info email or call Jeanne in Recreation and Fermilab Engagement at x2548


Don’t forget to have fun!

Week 1: Begins August 31st

Run/Speed Walk: 2 Min.
Walk: 4 minutes
5 cycles = 30 min.

Week 2: Begins September 7th

Run/Speed Walk: 3 Min.
Walk: 3 minutes
5 cycles = 30 min.

Week 3: Begins September 14th

Run/Speed Walk:5 Min.
Walk: 2 1/2 minutes
4 cycles = 30 min.

Week 4: Begins September 21st

Run/Speed Walk:7 Min.
Walk: 3 minutes
3 cycles = 30 min.

Week 5: Begins September 28th
Run/Speed Walk 8 Min.

Walk: 2 minutes
3 cycles = 30 min.

Week 6: Begins October 5th

Run/Speed Walk 9 Min.
Walk: 2 minutes
3 cycles = 33 min.

Week 7: Begins October 12th 

Run/Speed Walk 9 Min.
Walk: 1 minute
3 cycles = 30 min.

Week 8:  Begins October 19th

Run/Speed Walk 13 Min.
Walk: 2 minute
2 cycles = 30 min.

Week 9: Begins October 26th

Run/Speed Walk 14 Min.
Walk: 1 minute
2 cycles = 30 min.

Week 10: Begins November 2nd

Run/Speed Walk 30 Min.