FRA badged employees and users/affiliates may participate in the FRA Recreation Program. Participants must be 18 years or older. All Recreation Participants are required to complete a Recreation Waiver in Workday. Recreation Waiver Instructions. Subcontractors, retirees, authorized guests and members of the public are not allowed to participate in the FRA Recreation Program.

Contact: Salah Chaurize, x6375
The Fermilab Barnstormers was formed to promote the art of building and operating radio control (R/C) models of all types, as well as all flying models….We have many individual interests that include R/C airplanes, R/C helicopters, Control Line airplanes, and free flight planes. Contact Noah for more info at

Contact: Jessica Jensen, x2647

Salad Club is open to all employees, users and affiliates. Salad club meets monthly. It is a “salad potluck” of sorts, everyone brings an ingredient and we have salad together!

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The Bible Exploration for Lunch League is open to any Fermilab employee or user who would like to discover for themselves what the Bible has to say. The group provides a comfortable forum in which to question, probe and exchange ideas on the many areas where the Bible touches on life. The only thing one needs to believe is that the Bible is worth looking into. Participants bring a rich variety of cultural backgrounds and life experiences to the discussions.

The group meets on Tuesdays at noon for an hour, both online and in person.  Each meeting has a social time, prayer time, usually an instructive video based on the Bible, and discussion time.  For more information contact


Jeanne Ecker, Recreation Manager

(630) 840-2548


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