FRA badged employees, users, affiliates, and authorized guests may participate in the FRA Recreation Program. Authorized guests are allowed to participate if they are an immediate family member living in the same household of an FRA employee or user. Participants must be 18 years or older. Subcontractors and members of the public are not allowed to participate in the FRA Recreation Program.

If you are  interested in starting a new club at Fermilab please review the Policy on Fermilab Recreation Programs and complete the attached Fermilab Club & Athletic League Application and return to  Jeanne Ecker with Recreation.

Amateur Radio Club Website

Contact: Dave Peterson, X3073
The Fermilab Amateur Radio Club welcomes anyone from within the Fermilab community with an interest in Ham Radio or Short Wave Listening. The club station, WB9IKJ, operates on most HF amateur bands and the club repeater system is on Wilson Hall. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month (except December) at noon. The usual location is the second floor lounge area, just above the cafeteria, in Fermilab’s Wilson Hall.

Contact: Kavin Ammigan, x4381,  or Join the listserv

This club brings together current engineering staff, previously awarded the Bardeen Engineering Leadership position, to share ideas and experiences in an effort to help improve the program to mutually benefit current/incoming engineers and Fermilab.

Barnstormers Model Airplane Club website

Contact: Salah Chaurize, x6375
The Fermilab Barnstormers was formed to promote the art of building and operating radio control (R/C) models of all types, as well as all flying models….We have many individual interests that include R/C airplanes, R/C helicopters, Control Line airplanes, and free flight planes. Join the Barnstormers in a virtual Quadcopter Racing in Velocidrone on Wednesday, September 9, 23, October 7 and 21 from 5:30-7:30pm. Contact Noah for more info at

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Electric Vehicle Club website

Contact:  Kimberly Myles
The Fermilab Electric Vehicle Club is made up of a group of Fermi badge holders who share an interest in electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles. The club aims to educate other members of the Fermi community, through a variety of events and lectures, of the relative advantages of electric vehicles, types of electrical vehicles, home charging options, public charging availability and the general development of electrification of transportation. The club plans to work with Fermilab Sustainability Committee to propose to Fermilab management electric-vehicle on-site charging solutions.

Contact: Bryan Yanny

Fermilab Singers, the Fermilab choir, provides an opportunity for people to meet, sing together and learn new music selections.

Garden Club website

Contact: David Leeb
The Garden Club is open to persons from the Fermilab community who are

interested in gardening under well-maintained, ecologically-sound conditions.

Photography Club website
Join the listserv
Contact: Marty Murphy, x3496
The purpose of the Fermilab Photography Club is to share ideas, techniques, tips and tricks about photography with fellow club members.

Russian Club Email

Contact: Alexey Burov, x8852
This club will meet and discuss cultural news, history, literature, art, philosophy, and tourism. The goal is to provide a general exchange of information and mutual assistance for each other.

Contact: Jessica Jensen, x2647
Bring an ingredient to add to our Salad Bar. Salad Club Lunch is held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, generally in Wilson Hall, One East. We eat at noon. All are welcome. Feel free to join us.

*COVID-19 Update– join the Salad Club listserv for monthly communication

Scuba Club website

Contact: Dave Capista, x2369,
This is an opportunity to meet other divers, share photos and plan group dives.

Contact: Alexey Burov, x8852, email.
History shows that fundamental science is a fruit of a certain faith. How was this faith expressed through centuries and what is its condition now? What is the relation between the scientific faith and scientism? Does physics send a spiritual message to humanity? Does it shed any light on the mystery of our own existence? Learn more about it at this newly formed Fermilab club. For more information



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