28 Day Plank Challenge

You are invited to join a 28-day plank challenge.
The goal this month is to strengthen our core muscles and what better way to do that than with plank exercises.

This is your challenge!

Choose Your 28-Day Plank Goal

Beginner: 1 Minute

Moderate: 2 Minutes

Advanced: 5 Minutes

Choose Your Plank

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***At the end of the registration, click “Done” to be redirected to the 28 Day Plank Challenge Calendar. Participants will be entered into a drawing to win an Ab Wheel.

Benefits of a Plank

Planks are Convenient and Free

Planking only takes a couple of minutes to do. No equipment or gym membership needed.

A Strong Core is a Strong Back 

We use our core and back in most activities of daily living; i.e. picking up items off the floor, vacuuming, lifting a small child, carrying a basket of laundry, bending over to empty the dishwasher, shoveling snow. Protect your back by strengthening your core.

Planks Help Prevent Exercise-Related Injuries

Regardless of whether you are squatting, dead-lifting or doing an overhead press, they all require a strong core to help prevent injury.

Planks Boost Mental Health

Exercise is great for your mental health. It boost the “feel good” endorphins that make us feel better about ourselves.


Plank Tips:

The word plank refers to a board. Keep your head, shoulders, hips and ankles in a straight line like a board. Make sure your hips aren’t drooping towards the floor or hiked up towards the ceiling.


Low Plank: Elbows should be lined up under your shoulders with forearms flat on the floor.
Full Plank: Hands should be lined up under your shoulders.