Bike Share

As part of Fermilab’s transportation mission bike share bicycles are useful for transiting from building to building on Fermilab property. They are also a nice way to enjoy some of the surrounding beauty of the Fermilab site and get some light exercise as well.

The Fermilab Bike share is easy to join and carries no rental fee for authorized Fermilab badge holders. 



Due to the nature of the Bike Share program, the Bikes are not sanitized between participant use and we cannot guarantee that they are clean.

We suggest that you take adequate protective measures to ensure your safety. When using the Bike Share bicycles, the use of anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer can provide some personal protection for you. You should clean areas of rider contact, (i.e., handle grips, seat, gear changers, and basket areas) This is a good extra step prior to beginning your ride.


Consider wearing gloves while riding your bike. Always wash your hands after riding your bike. Avoid sharing helmets.


  • Download the Movatic App from the App store or Google Play on your smartphone and register for the Fermilab network.
  • Type in “Fermilab” in as the share system you want to join
  • Read and sign the Bike Share Rider agreement and waiver in the app.

Once you have completed these steps, the request will be forwarded for administrative approval. After approval, the requester will be able to check out Bike Share bicycles. Administrative approval will only be given during regular business hours (8:00 AM-4:30 PM)

  • Bicycles may only be checked out and used by badge holders
  • Riders must be 18 years or older
  • Bicycles can be checked out for a time-period of two hours per use
  • Bicycles can be checked out from Sunrise to Sunset
  • Bicycle helmets are required for all members using bike share bicycles.
  • Bicycles must be secured using the included lock when parking bicycle anywhere other than the Bike Share rack
  •  Bicycles must be returned to a Bike Share rack and the rental must be completed in your app.


In the event that you are unable to return the bicycle to a Bike Share rack because all racks are full, please send an email the Badging Office and let us know you have secured the bike by using the u-lock system on the bike. Please return the bicycle to the Bike Share rack at your next opportunity and mark your rental complete.



Bicycle stations are located at:

  • Wilson Hall (West side)
  • SW Cross Gallery 
  • Site 38 Warehouse
  • Site 38 FES/OPS 
  • Feynmann Computing Center
  • IARC
  • Aspen East
  • Users Center
  • Fermilab Gym
  • Dorm 5