Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the front desk

Clue-6 Welcome to the front desk, steeped in history’s embrace, Where informational stewardesses once led the chase. Now a relic of the past, a fading bow, Your final stop awaits, where answers flow. To the realm of badges, visas, FNAP’s art, Navigate westward, from the very start. Towards the glassy gates, your quest anew, Thank… More »

Keep that badge

Clue-5 Keep that badge, above your waist, Display it with pride, Don’t hide it away, let it shine, be your guide. Your next clue awaits in the old front desk’s nook, Where a skeleton rests, in the atrium, take a look!


Clue-1 Grab a buddy to be safe! Let’s begin. Seek the spot, in Wilson Hall’s embrace, To wait out a tornado’s fierce chase. Once you’re there, you’ll find the sign so clear, A lesson learned for when storms draw near. — For a Bonus Clue, and location beware, Descend two asterisks deep, your journey down… More »


Clue-3 As guardians of security, Our role is crystal clear. From our control center, we watch without fear. Cameras we monitor to protect what’s in view. You visit us to open a lock, need a key? Come see the SOC!