Contractor ID Badge

Contractor ID Badge

In order to obtain an ID badge for the 1st time or to renew a contractor’s existing/expired ID badge, the Point of Contact (POC) must follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Fill out Sub-Contractor form Section I
  2. Send Contractor the Sub-Contractor form so they can fill out Section II and return to the POC (Note: information on the form will be required in step 3)
  3. Fill out the Authorized Guest/Contractor Request form in ServiceNow (SNOW)
  4. Enter as much information as possible on the form and to select the appropriate affiliation/lab organization and approver prior to submitting the form


Once the form has been submitted and approved the Badging Office will begin the badging process.  There are a few additional steps in order for a contractor to obtain an ID Badge:

  • They will need to complete the contractor training.  The class is held daily at 7:30 am in the training room located on the ground floor of Wilson Hall.
  • They will need to bring certain documents with them to the Badging Office when they arrive on-site or immediately after the training class.


We encourage everyone to read the Access Policy prior to arrival.  All contractors are required to obtain an ID badge prior to going to their work site. Email, computer accounts, and access to buildings are not automatically granted.  A separate SNOW request is required for Services Accounts/Email and an Access Request form (Integrated Access System Key/Lock Request) for keys and access to buildings/locations.  Access Request Forms are to be submitted to the Communication Center located on the ground floor of Wilson Hall.