Frequently asked questions

How do I reset my services and/or FermiWorks password?

Please contact the Service Desk at, ext. 2345, or stop by their location on the ground floor of Wilson Hall.

How can I connect to the Fermilab network / Wi-Fi?

Please contact the Service Desk at, ext. 2345, or stop by their location on the ground floor of Wilson Hall to register your device and connect it to the Fermilab network.

Why do I have to show proof of medical insurance?

Medical care in the U.S. can become very expensive, very quickly for people without medical insurance. Fermilab requires that you have medical insurance that covers medical treatment for emergency and nonemergency illnesses and injuries and extends to incidents occurring while at Fermilab.

Do I need to answer questions regarding my country of citizenship?

Yes, the lab is required to know who is accessing the site.

What is a Nonproprietary User Agreement and why is it required?

Pleas see our page regarding user agreements.

What do I do if I’m arriving after hours, staying in on-site housing, or need to pick up a rental car?

Your name should be on the housing list, which Security will be able to check to let you in the gate.  Keys for housing and can be picked up after hours in the Communication Center, located on the ground floor of Wilson Hall. Your rental car pickup will need to be arranged with the company that you are renting from.  Please note that taxi service to and from the village is not available after hours.

How do I contact the Users Office?

We are located on the mezzanine level of Wilson Hall and are open Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30.  We can be reached by email at or by phone at 630-840-3111 or 630-840-4376.