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Stay connected with this calendar of virtual events and activities for the Fermilab community during this time of “Social Distancing” Each day has either a social event to connect to or a fun suggestion of an activity to keep you well.

Social (Zoom) – Fitness – KidsCulinary


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Pilates YouTube

Storytime: A Seed is Sleepy


Full Body Toning YouTube

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Kid Yoga for Earth Day

Conversation Group

20-Min. Total Core Ab Workout

Craft: Kids Sprout House

Walk2Run & Walk2Walk Week 8

SciShowKids: What is inside a Bean?

Yoga Flow YouTube

Seed Germination STEM Activity (Part 1)

Bake Off

Saturday Morning Yoga for Kids & Parents

Kids & Family Dance Class

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Don’t forget to submit your Bison Questions!


Story Time – Lola Plants a Garden

Full Body Pilates YouTube

Full Body Strength YouTube

Cosmic Kids – Enzo the Bee


Summer Abs Workout

Craft: Lady Bug Painted Rocks

SciShowKids: Grow your own Plants

Walk2Run & Walk2Walk Week 9

Vinyasa Yoga for Flexibility

Garden Scavenger Hunt

Happy Mother’s Day!

Bake Off

Mother’s Day Craft

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Family Friendly Fitness



40-Min. at Home Pilates Workout

Storytime: Bison

Upper Body Toning YouTube

Cosmic Kids: Yoga on the Farm

Total Core Workout

Craft: Bison Craft

Walk2Run & Walk2Walk Week 10

SciShowKids: Meet the American Bison

45-Min. Power Vinyasa Yoga

Fermilab Bison (2016)

Fermilab Baby Bison 

Bake Off

Family Fun Dance Party
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Family Fun Work-out



Storytime: If You Plant a Seed

Walk2Run & Walk2Walk Week 10

Conversation Group
3 Circuit Home Work-InCosmic Kids: Jack and the Beanstalk
30-Min. Abs Workout

Craft: Bison Craft

20-Min. Indoor Walking Workout

SciShowKids: How a Seed Becomes a Plant

30-Min. Power Yoga

Plant your Bean! (Seed Germination STEM Activity Part 2)– 

Bake Off

Kidz Bob Shuffle
30 31
Fun Family Workout

Outdoor Science Experiments


Mystery Science: Watching Storms







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