Campus Access and Experience Snowman Building Competition

Snowman Building Competition
Meet the 2022 Winners!

Best Overall Snowman

Mr. Misty and the Fermi Castle 
by Vibodha Bandara, Piumi Wimalasiri, Nuwan Waduge, and Dinupa Mohattalalage

Best photo with Snowman

Xonatã da Silva, the Brazillian Snowman
by Maria Cecilia Bazetto, Heriques Gatti, Pedro Pasquini, and Gabriela Stenico

Most Creative Snowman

by Everardo Granados and Maria Casales

Best Traditional Snowman

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
by Benjamin Russell’s daughters

2nd Best Traditional Snowman

Our First Snowman
by Brenda Cervantes and Fatima Ayala

Best Captures the Spirit of Fermilab

Appa Snow Bison
by Maria Casales

Most Creative Snowman by Child

Mini Upside-down Snowman
by Madison Pearce