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FRA badged employees and users/affiliates may participate in the FRA Recreations Program. Participants must be 18 years or older. Authorized Guests, subcontractors and members of the public are not allowed to participate in the FRA Recreations Program.

Fitness classes are included with a paid Gym Membership. If you wish to participate via Zoom please email Jeanne Ecker for Zoom link.


This 30-minute hybrid class focuses on sculpting the abs, hips, glutes, and legs. Participants will learn a variety of exercises designed to increase overall core strength, improve definition and strengthen the lower back area. This abs class may incorporate the use of bands, tubing, rings, dumbbells, stability balls, BOSU balls and your own body weight. Suitable for any level of fitness.

This strength training class meets for a fun and effective workout, designed for all fitness levels. This class builds endurance and strong muscles, speeds up metabolism, and improves balance and flexibility. Endurance training develops long, lean, well-shaped, toned musculature… muscles that are strong and do not fatigue easily. This enables better performance in most sports and, most importantly, everyday activities. The combination of strength and flexibility training is a winning one and will improve your ability to function at your best in your real life.



Jeanne Ecker

(630) 840-2548

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New in 2023: Fitness Classes are now included in your gym membership. No additional fees are required to participate in a fitness class.

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