ID Application

                                                                                        ID Card Application            

Submit a completed application form to the Key and ID Office to have a Fermilab Identification Card issued to a non-employee. This form must be signed by the Division/ Section Head or Fermi contact person responsible for the individual.

ID Cards for non-employees are issued for a maximum of one year

Applicant’s Last Name:                                                First Name:                            Middle Initial:


 Citizenship is:   United States    Non- United States    Country of Citizenship: 

On-Site Mail Station #:                        On-Site Phone:                                              Off- site Phone:


Email:                                                                                  Affiliation or Company:


Contract or P.O. #:                              Project Name:


Supervisor Name:                                                  DIV/SEC:                                   Req # (if applicable):


Contract/ Job beginning date:                Ending Date (required):

All access control devices, including cards, keys and vehicle stickers, issued by Fermilab, are the property of the U.S. Department of Energy. Any losses must be reported immediately to Security, ext. #3414. All access control devices must be returned to the Key and ID offices upon termination of you Fermilab affiliation. Your signature below acknowledges acceptance of these conditions.

*Signature of ID applicant: Date:

(This section to be completed by the Fermilab Contact person and Signed by the Authorizing Person)

Reason for Needing I.D. Card

Routine Site Entrance     Computer Account (Kerberos)    Emergency Call-In Work     Training Database     Other

Access to  MCR    D-Zero    CDF    CHL    WHGF    WH16    WH Highbay

Designate building management personnel must approve access to below buildings:

FCC    CUB    AD/ Computer Room

 CD-LCC(NML)   CD-GCC   ComCenter

I (*Fermi Contact Signature):  / (Fermi ID#):  / (Date): , as the Fermilab employee responsible for the above listed individual, request he/ she be issued at Fermilab Identification Card. I understand I am responsible for collecting the ID card for the applicant and returning it to the Key and ID office once his/her current work assignment is complete.

Fermilab Authorizing Person (*Signature):  / ID #: / Date:

(This section must be completed to obtain a computer account)

FERMIPAB COMPUTER SECURITY POLICY may be found at : along with any updates. Guidance for computer security at Fermilab is at:

I have received and read the Fermilab Policy on Computing dated  (see last page of policy)

*Signature of account applicant:     Date:


DIV/ Sec Head Authorization:  ID#: Date:


*By typing your name you are signing this application electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this application.

Office Use Only:                           

ID Number _____________ Expiration Date___________  Prox Card #___________

Initial Issue Date ____________ Authorization End Date_____________
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