FNAP Access

Prior to obtaining computing privileges, a Fermilab ID badge, site access, or virtual access, it is a requirement to fill out an access request form.

Please begin this process at a minimum of 4 weeks before access is needed. 

For real-time updates on submitted access requests, refer to the Site Access Request Status page.

The FNAP Office is responsible for reviewing requests of all non-U.S. citizens. For an overview of the FNAP review and approval process, please refer to the FNAP access approval workflows.

Please see the Multiple Affiliation Host Presentation Slides for information related to multiple affiliations on the SAB access request forms.

Please note that Nonproprietary User Agreements (NPUAs) are required before individuals can work on-site on experiments associated with the Fermilab accelerator complex or CMS. Additional information can be found here.

Refer to the FNAP Workflow for additional information regarding the review process Link

For detailed information on the overall processes based on visitor types, please visit the following web pages:


Users, Affiliates, Authorized Guests, and Subcontractors: 

Campus Access Office’s website

Business Visitors:

Campus Access Office’s website


Refer to the Fermilab Access Policy for access definitions and to the guidance document for examples.