Training requirements for on-site access

If you are a new user or your computer access has expired, please complete the appropriate On-site Access and Computer Accounts request form.  Once your request form is processed by the Users Office, you will be able to take the following training.

You will need to complete the following training online PRIOR to your arrival on site.

DO NOT CLICK ON THE TEST LINK AT THE END OF THE PRESENTATIONS: please return to this page and follow the instructions below to take the tests for these training classes. 

You can see if you have completed the following training by checking your ITNA (Individual Training Needs Assessment)

Three required training classes

  1. ESHQ New User / Employee Orientation can be completed by going to the following page and viewing all of the videos and handouts under the “Reference Material”:
  2. Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Training can be completed by viewing the following PowerPoint slide presentation:
  3. Workplace Violence and Active Shooter/Active Threat Awareness Training can be completed by watching the following video:

To take the test for each training class

DO NOT CLICK ON THE TEST LINK AT THE END OF THE PRESENTATIONS: we have recently discovered that some of the test links on the training presentations are not working.  Please following these instructions to request that the test links be emailed to you:

  • Go to the ESH&Q Testing Center
  • In the drop-down menu under “Select an online test,” select one of the following classes:
    • “New Employee/User ESH&Q Orientation [FN000034/CR] 283”
    • “Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention for Fermilab Users, Visitors and Contract Employees [FN000531/CB] 1885” (double check to make sure you have the right class number on this one because there is more than one “Sexual Harassment” training listed)
    • “Workplace Violence and Active Shooter/Active Threat Awareness Training [FN000508/CR] 1306”
  • In the box under “Enter your Fermi ID,” type in your Fermi ID number.
  • Click on the button to the left of “Visitor” (under “Enter your Fermi ID”)
  • Click on the “Submit” button
  • On the following page, your email address will be displayed in bold type; verify that the email address is correct.
    • If the email address is incorrect, contact us ASAP to correct it
    • If the email address is correct, then click on the “Request Test” button
  • A link to the test will be emailed to you shortly.
    • Log in to your email and click on the link that is sent to you.
    • Follow the instructions on the test link to complete the test.

You will need to repeat these steps in order to complete the test for all THREE training classes.